Our Commitment To The Land

Preserving Wohali’s Natural Lands

From the earliest beginnings of Wohali Resort, our partnership set out to be stewards of the land and Utah’s natural environment. We began by putting Wohali’s pristine 3,365 acre backcountry parcel into a Conservation Easement to protect it from future development, preserving its untouched wild beauty for future generations to come. We then focused on how the community could be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and climate neutral.


Geo-thermal & Solar Power

Beyond the preservation of Wohali’s wild backcountry, our community will be solar and geo-thermally powered. Our Development Team is building a Solar Farm just off-site to power the Wohali community. This five-acre solar farm will produce five gigawatts of power and will house multiple battery storage units, storing energy for use during nighttime hours and cloudy days. Wohali Resort will not be bringing Natural Gas to our community; this will require all buildings to use geothermal technology for heating and cooling.

Winter or summer, the ground ten feet below the surface maintains a constant temperature of 55-degrees year round; this is warmer than Utah’s winter temperatures but cooler than our summers. A heat pump circulates the earth’s core temperature throughout the home with the assistance of solar power, eliminating any draw on natural resources and keeping our community carbon neutral. Additionally, geothermal systems require less maintenance and cut heating and cooling bills in half on average.


The sheer beauty of Wohali’s land throughout all four seasons is unlike any other.

Naturally Sourced Community

Building materials are also a key focus for Wohali. Community spaces will be built using handcrafted timber frames made from the finest and sturdiest Brazilian hardwoods, sustainably harvested under exclusive 3D (Dying, Dead, and Down) guidelines. All exterior materials will also be natural stones, wood, grass roofs, and rammed earth. Whether within a Wohali Village or perched on one of Wohali's pristine estate lots, our community greenhouse will provide locally grown, organic produce for all to enjoy.

sanctioned ECO GOLF COURSE

The Eagles Nest golf course will be sanctioned by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program; this award-winning education and certification program helps enable courses to protect the environment while preserving the tradition of the game of golf. This program serves an essential role in helping to enhance the valuable natural landscapes and wildlife habitats that golf courses provide, as well as minimizing the potentially harmful impacts of course operation while still improving overall efficiency.