Wildlife and Nature

Within the Wasatch Mountains and along the cliffs and valleys of Wohali you will find a vast array of wildlife who call this land and its waterways home. The Village is located at just over 6,000 feet elevation, and the top of our backcountry lies at just under 9,000 feet. This large fluctuation in elevation offers an incredible variety of wildlife, plants and trees for you to experience in every season.

Land Animals

Deer, Mountain Lion, Badger, Elk, Black Bear, Fox, Moose, Coyote


Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Falcon, Swallow, Great Horned Owl, Osprey

Amazing Fishing

Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, Brook, and Tiger Trout, Mountain Whitefish

Northwest Trees

Narrowleaf Cottonwood, Quaking Aspen, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir, Bigtooth Maple, Fremont Cottonwood

Wildflowers and Flora

Cliff Rose, Sego Lily, Rocky Mountain Columbine, Western Bluebell, Silvery Lupine, Indian Paintbrush, Western Yarrow