Wohali Newsletter: November


As the first snowflakes gracefully blanket Park City, signaling the swift arrival of winter, our community is buzzing with anticipation. With temperatures dropping and a dusting of snow already gracing our landscape, the imminent opening of Park City Mountain for skiing in the weeks ahead has filled the air with palpable excitement. In this season of transformation, we bring you the latest updates at Wohali, where progress is as brisk as the winter winds.

At Wohali, the first phase of road installation is complete, enhancing the property's appeal just in time for winter. Roads now stretch from the entrance to the Sales Center and across Phases 1A of Wohali Estates.

Progress at the Gatehouse is steady, with the drywall phase finished. Hardwood floors will be installed soon, and exterior work, including stonework and a Tesla roof, will begin shortly. Despite winter challenges, exterior woodwork is advancing, and the landscaped ponds are freezing over.

The Manor House sees exciting developments, such as the impending completion of the staircase that will connect the building's two levels and the installation of Venetian plaster. Final touches, such as cabinet and countertop installations, are underway. The Manor House is poised for a remarkable finish, with furniture and TrackMan systems set to arrive for winter practice opportunities. The journey to completion unfolds with each milestone, promising an extraordinary destination for Wohali's community.

If you have any questions about Wohali or would like a private tour, please reach out to Wohali's Sales Director, Onie Bolduc, at Onie@BolducMountainLuxury.com or (435) 631-1615.

Roadway Construction Update


Pictured: The road between the Sales Center and the Gatehouse was paved

The initial stage of road installation has been successfully completed at Wohali, just in time for the upcoming snowy winter season. Those who have observed the new roads in person have spoken highly about how the installation has transformed the property.

The initial phase of roads spans from the entrance of Wohali to the Sales Center. From the Sales Center, it expands up past the HOA buildings and through Phases 1A of Wohali Estates. Additional roadways will be installed as necessary beginning next year.

Additionally, the ponds next to the Gatehouse have been filled and fully landscaped. Seeding for the grass that will surround the pond has also been completed.

We are excited to show the progress to Wohali owners and potential buyers in person!


Short Game Practice Area Construction Update


Pictured: Aerial View of the Short Game Practice Area facing the Manor House & the Driving Range. The photo was provided by Todd Bunte, Wohali Superintendant.

The Short Game Practice Area was completely finished on Thursday, November 2nd, when the team installed the final sections of sod. The team opted to sod the area rather than seed it and allow the grass time to grow to ensure the facility would be ready for play with the opening of the Eagle Championship Golf Course next year.

The Eagle Championship Golf Course will open no later than July 15, 2024. We cannot wait for members to begin playing golf at Wohali!

Short Game Practice Area Specs

Spanning 2 acres, the new Short Game Practice Area at Wohali offers golfers an exceptional practice space with four meticulously maintained greens mirroring those on the golf course, facilitating precise putting and chipping practice. With four sets of tees, golfers of all skill levels can personalize their experience. Additionally, the facility boasts practice bunkers, designated areas for chipping and pitching, and the opportunity to recreate various shots, including uphill and downhill scenarios, with distances of up to 120 yards. This comprehensive facility is the ideal environment for golfers to fine-tune their short-game skills and effectively prepare for the challenges they'll encounter on the course.


Pictured: The Short Game Practice Area, which is located directly in front of the Manor House. This practice facility will be available to all of Wohali's Golf Members.


Pictured: The team that helped construct the Short Game Practice Area

Thank you to the hard-working team who helped construct the Short Game Practice Area in just a few short weeks!

Gatehouse Construction Update


Pictured: The Gatehouse and Entryway Area at Wohali


Pictured: Drywall is installed at The Gatehouse.

At the Gatehouse, progress continues to unfold steadily. The drywall phase is now complete, laying the groundwork for the next steps. In the coming weeks, hardwood floors will be installed, bringing a touch of warmth to the interiors. Exterior enhancements are underway, with stonework set to begin in the next week and a Tesla roof install scheduled for the end of the month.


Concurrently, exterior woodwork is in progress, marrying form and function seamlessly, and the team is getting ready to begin on the exterior stonework. Work on the exterior will likely take some time as the team begins to battle snow and cooler temperatures while focusing on perfecting stone and wood detailing. The ponds outside of the gatehouse have also been landscaped, adding a natural charm to the environment. As the weather continues to change, the ponds are beginning to freeze over for the winter.


Informal Entry Construction Update


Above: Renderings of Wohali's Informal Entry

Below: The large totem poles that greet owners & guests at Wohali's Informal Entry at being constructed


Manor House Construction Update

Exciting developments continue to unfold at the Manor House as we inch closer to its completion. The integration of cutting-edge technology is evident with the upcoming connection of Tesla Power Walls scheduled for next week, enhancing the sustainability and energy efficiency of the building.

The interior structure is rapidly taking shape, marked by the recent installation of steel stairs that will connect the lower level of the Manor House with the upper level. The timber stair tread installation is also underway, ensuring the stairway blends with the Irish and Scottish feel of the remainder of the building.

Achieving a significant milestone at the Manor House, all stonework at the Manor House is now complete, a process that has taken Wohali's expert artisans many months to complete. Venetian plaster has also been applied to the walls and is nearing completion.

The final touches are falling into place, from the installation of cabinets to the imminent placement of countertops in the coming weeks. The majority of the plumbing fixtures have been meticulously integrated, ensuring both functionality and a beautiful aesthetic. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, anticipation builds for the arrival of furniture and two TrackMan systems that will allow Wohali's golf members to practice throughout the winter.

As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we will no longer share images of the Manor House in anticipation of its completion and grand opening in 2024. However, if you would like to see the Manor House for yourself, please reach out to Onie Bolduc, Wohali's sales director, and he would be happy to host you for a private tour at Wohali.


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