Wohali Newsletter: September 2023


Fall has arrived in Park City, and the landscape is undergoing a breathtaking transformation as leaves burst into vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. We have included a couple of gorgeous photos of Wohali's beautiful fall foliage below. While the leaves changed color, Park City, Deer Valley, and surrounding ski resorts have experienced their first dusting of snow, hopefully foreshadowing another snowy winter in the Wasatch Back.

Over the past month, Wohali has experienced much progress - from the roadways to the Manor House. Our construction teams are hard at work with continued utility infrastructure work and preparing the property for asphalt installation, which will enhance the property's accessibility throughout the year and transform the landscape.

The Gatehouse is also making strides; large picture windows were installed last week, and the team is now turning its attention to the interior drywall, finishes, and hand-cut exterior stonework. Next to the Gatehouse, crews continue to make progress on the large ponds that will be located at the property's formal entrance.

Finally, we are incredibly proud to share that the Eagle Championship Golf Course is now fully seeded and sodded in preparation for its opening in 2024. With the course's construction complete, we will focus on maintenance and growth over the coming months. We are also delighted to share the first images of the Start Shack at the Eagle Championship Golf Course, which promises to be a cozy hub for our owners. The Summit Sotheby's Photo team took some exquisite photographs of the Golf Course this week during sunrise that we cannot wait to share with you in the coming months.

Finally, we hope you will explore our website's new "News & Updates" section, where you can find the latest updates about construction, events, and more at Wohali. We are thrilled to share these exciting developments with you.

If you have any questions about Wohali or would like a private update tour, please reach out to me at Onie@BolducMountainLuxury.com or (435) 631-1615.

Golf Course Construction Update


Pictured: Hole 16 of the Eagle Championship Golf Course

We are proud to share that the Eagle Championship Golf Course at Wohali is completely seeded and sodded, providing the course with ample time to grow ahead of the 2024 golf season. Moving forward, work on the Eagle Championship Golf Course will be focused on perfecting the architecture and details of the course, such as bunkers, fairways, tee boxes, and landscaping features. We are eager to play on the course, which is scheduled to be ready for play no later than mid-summer 2024.


The Eagle Championship Golf Course was designed and built by Wohali's own David Boyden, who designed and helped develop dozens of luxury golf courses and resort developments in the United States and Mexico, including the acclaimed Dunes Course at Diamanté Cabo San Lucas. Golf Magazine quickly recognized his work, naming it the Top New International Golf Course in 2011, and currently ranks it #38 on the list of the world’s top 100 golf courses.

Painstaking effort was put into bringing Dave's vision for the Eagle Championship Golf Course, with dozens of members of Wohali's staff having a hand in the creation of the course. We congratulate the team on their achievement and thank them for their efforts.

We cannot wait to host owners on the course next year!

Gatehouse Construction Update


Progress at the Gatehouse is steadily advancing, and we are about to embark on some significant milestones. With the large picture windows installed, our crews are now ready to dive into the intricate task of crafting the exterior stone by hand while also turning their attention to the interior drywall and finishes.

What sets the Gatehouse apart is its exceptional craftsmanship. The timbers and woodwork will be meticulously crafted from exquisite Brazilian hardwoods, all milled right here on site. As we approach October, our skilled crews are eagerly anticipating the commencement of the installation of these unique, custom-made finishes.

Every stone and board is being cut and set by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail. This labor-intensive process will span several months, but the result will be a magnificent structure that proudly welcomes all to Wohali.


Golf Start Shack


Wohali's construction and interior design teams have recently completed the Start Shack at the Eagle Championship Golf Course, and we are immensely proud of the final result. Positioned at the course's first tee, the Start Shack will be the hub where guests can conveniently check in for their rounds, collect scorecards, and access essential course information before embarking on their golf experience.


The Start Shack's interior was designed by Michelle Burbidge, Wohali's in-house interior designer. Dave Boyden, one of Wohali's Principal Partners and designer of the course, wanted the Start Shack to feel as though you were being welcomed into someone's home or study before you begin your round of golf while incorporating a Scottish cottage feel.

Michelle ran with this inspiration, incorporating multiple antique pieces from around the world. The rug and desk are both antiques - the antique rug is approximately 60 years old, and the desk is 100 years old. Furthermore, the custom cabinetry bookshelves are also filled with hand-selected antique books.

The leather chairs were made by Fleming and Howland in the United Kingdom, the famous artisans of the Chesterfield chair since 1780. Finally, the large chandelier and blue pillows were custom-made for the space.

The Start Shack gives us a wonderful taste of what the interior design and quality of future Wohali amenities will likely feel like upon its completion in the coming months.

Manor House Construction Update

At the Manor House, the exterior stone will be completely finished this week, giving the building a striking and elegant appearance. Additionally, the Manor House's Tesla roof has been successfully installed, and battery walls are going in this week, which will allow us to generate our own power. The appliances in the Manor House's outdoor bar space will be set up and connected this week, bringing us one step closer to entertaining Wohali owners at the fully functional and complete facility next year.

Inside, the installation of hardwood flooring on the upper level has been successfully accomplished. Carpenters are meticulously wrapping up the trim work upstairs, ensuring a refined finish. The painters have already completed the wall paint in the downstairs restrooms and kitchen, adding a fresh and inviting atmosphere. In the coming days, the painters' focus will shift to the upstairs, where the painters will begin the Venetian plaster work.

We cannot wait to unveil the Manor House's grandeur to the Wohali community soon. In the meantime, we have decided to stop sharing photographs of the Manor House to ensure the finished product is a gorgeous surprise.

Roadway Construction Update


Pictured: The road from the Sales Center to the HOA Buildings was recently re-graded and prepared for asphalt

Wohali's construction teams are hard at work preparing the site for asphalt to be installed in specific areas throughout the property in the coming weeks.

In order to prepare for asphalt, the team dug up the road in front of the Sales Center to install infrastructure systems before leveling and grading the area. The road between the Sales Center and the Wohali Yard, where Wohali's leadership, mechanics, woodworking teams, and metalsmith teams currently work, was recently leveled and prepared for asphalt to be laid later this month.

In the coming weeks, the team will begin to lay roads from the entrance of the property, with the goal of completing the project by the end of autumn. While roadways may not be quite as exciting as amenity buildings and homes, we are certain that installing roads will absolutely transform the property.