Wohali Newsletter: March 2024

With the promise of warmer days ahead, Wohali Resort is busy with activity, bringing us ever closer to the grand opening of our golf facilities in July. From the skilled craftsmanship of the Gatehouse to the meticulous design of the Manor House, every detail is coming together to create a truly exceptional experience for Wohali's members.

We are excited to share the latest progress from Wohali Resort, where every day brings us closer to sharing a truly exceptional experience with our owners. The Gatehouse, our gateway to luxury and exclusivity, is rapidly taking shape. Finish carpentry is nearing completion, and our signature Brazilian timbers have been installed in the mailbox walls, echoing the elegant design of the Manor House. Our team is now focusing on the final touches to the walls and hardwood flooring, with plans for our in-house woodworking team to craft custom cabinetry for the space.

In the Manor House, the front-of-house is now complete, and our Interior Design Team is busy installing furniture and finalizing the finishing touches. The Trackman Golf Simulators in the Great Room have been installed, allowing members to refine their golf skills regardless of the season.

We are also gearing up to begin construction on Wohali Village. We are currently waiting for the final permitting necessary to pour foundations, which we expect to take place in the coming weeks. At the same time, Wohali's leadership recently hired a new project manager who will help ensure that the construction in the village runs smoothly. We hope that our first Village Cottages will be complete in the next 12 to 18 months.

Additionally, the logistics building is nearing completion, serving as a vital hub for our operations team, while the golf maintenance building is making rapid progress and will soon house our golf operations staff and equipment.

As we look forward to the grand opening of Wohali Resort in a few short months, we invite you to schedule a tour and witness the progress firsthand. Join us and experience the luxury, exclusivity, and lifestyle Wohali has to offer first-hand. Contact me today to reserve your tour and be among the first to experience Wohali's extraordinary offerings.

Progress at the Gatehouse is steadily advancing, with the finish carpentry nearing completion in the coming weeks. Recently, the mailbox walls were fully installed, featuring our signature Brazilian timbers, which were also used in the Manor House and throughout the Gatehouse. The team is now concentrating on finishing touches to the walls and hardwood flooring, with plans for our in-house woodworking team to start crafting custom cabinetry for the space later this week.
Max Akhmedov, a highly skilled woodworking craftsman specializing in custom cabinetry, has recently joined Wohali's woodworking team, led by Master Woodworker William Harper. Max will undertake highly custom projects at Wohali, including one-of-a-kind cabinets for the Gatehouse's security office and kitchenette and bespoke millwork in some of Wohali Estates' most exquisite properties.
Before joining Wohali's woodworking team, Max held various impressive positions in Utah, from excelling as a machinist to operating his own custom cabinetry company for many years. "I am incredibly excited to have Max join our team. Our woodworking team is already incredibly talented, but having worked with Max before, I am confident that he will take our shop to the next level," said LeGrand Bunker, a member of Wohali's construction team.

Beyond the interior of the Gatehouse, the building continues to take shape. The stonemasonry on the exterior is nearly complete, with the team focusing on refining the finishing touches. In the coming week, the stonemasonry team will shift its attention from the building's exterior walls to the roadway that will allow Wohali's members and guests to drive through the Gatehouse. This small but crucial road will be hand-laid with Belgian block, paying homage to the cobblestone roads of the United Kingdom and Europe, which serve as a major source of inspiration for Wohali's team.

As the weather warms and the cobblestone road is laid, a separate team will focus on constructing curbing and partitions around the Gatehouse, paving the way for additional landscaping features to be installed later in the spring ahead of opening day. Security features are also being installed, including the RFID system that will allow Wohali members to enter the property with ease.

Wohali Entry

Progress at Wohali's entry is ongoing, with the distinctive Eagle-inspired totems set to be completed in the coming weeks, with the addition of other landscaping elements, such as boulders and trees. Simultaneously, additional construction teams will begin running extensive infrastructure through the area before paving roads and installing landscaping features throughout the spring and summer.

The Manor House

We are thrilled to share that the front of house in Wohali's Manor House has been deemed complete by the construction team, and a significant portion of the Interior Design Team's furniture has been installed. The Interior Design, Logistics, and Construction Teams are collaborating on the final placement of furniture, mounting shelves, hanging art, and styling spaces. Additionally, the installation of the two Trackman Golf Simulators in Wohali's Great Room has been completed, enabling members to practice their swing on Wohali's Eagle Championship Golf Course regardless of the weather.

Wohali's General Manager, Birgit Vollmer, is currently working with a cook and a kitchen designer to assess Wohali's back-of-house facilities to ensure they are efficiently laid out to serve our members and their guests upon opening. Improvements will be made to the indoor and outdoor kitchens in the Manor House in the coming months in preparation for the grand opening this summer.

Wohali will continue to refrain from sharing photographs of the Manor House as the building continues to be considered for exclusive press opportunities ahead of opening. However, if you would like to see the Manor House for yourself, please do not hesitate to reach out to me to schedule a tour.

The Burrow


The Burrow is the next major amenity building that will be constructed, and we cannot wait for the building to go vertical. However, given the building's unique concept, a great deal of planning must go into engineering the soil before the foundation and footers are poured. Therefore, the team's efforts will continue to focus on stabilizing the soil over the coming months.

Wohali Village

Progress continues in Wohali Village, where we are set to receive permitting from the county to begin pouring foundations and footers in the coming weeks. Upon receiving the necessary permitting, our construction teams will then begin construction on Wohali Village's first Cottages, which we expect to be complete in the next 12 to 18 months.

Wohali recently hired experienced Project Manager, Teresa Mikesell, to oversee the construction of Wohali Village. We could not be more excited for this phase of construction at Wohali to begin and look forward to sharing more throughout the year.

Maintenance Yard & Racquet Club


Pictured: Logistics Building.

Logistics Building

Wohali's Logistics building, situated in the northeast corner of the Maintenance Yard, will serve as a warehouse for Wohali's logistics team. The construction team is making rapid progress on the building, with the exterior shell nearly complete. Any remaining gaps in the building's siding will be filled this week, alongside the installation of plumbing infrastructure. Over the next few weeks, the team aims to pour the building's concrete floor, bringing it significantly closer to being operational for the logistics team.


Pictured: Golf Maintenance Building.

Golf Maintenance Building

The Golf Maintenance Building, designed to accommodate most of Wohali's golf operations staff and equipment, is being built in tandem with the Logistics Building. This week, the installation of architectural steel will mark a significant milestone for the building. Following the steel, the building's suspended slabs are expected to be installed within the next two to three weeks. Infrastructure work, including plumbing and radiant tubing, will be carried out around the same time in the coming weeks.