Wohali Newsletter: February 2024

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We hope this update finds you in good spirits and in anticipation of the summer, when Wohali will offer members access to the Eagle Championship Golf Course for the very first time. We cannot wait to share a new video about Golf at Wohali that gives our community a glimpse of the masterpiece that is the Eagle Championship Golf Course. Click the image above to watch the video.
Wohali's first impression is its Gatehouse, which is taking form before our eyes. The hand-formed stone exterior has reached completion, revealing a glimpse of the sophistication that awaits. Belgian stone, carefully transported from Europe, has been installed, and the removal of exterior scaffolding and tents unveils the evolving entrance.
Excitement also builds as the Manor House nears completion, preparing for the design team's transformative touch with a full furniture install in the coming weeks. Recent endeavors in the Pub's Bar, including the installation of final tiles, exemplify the meticulous finishing touches that define our commitment to excellence.
The foundation of progress extends to the Maintenance Yard, where the Golf Maintenance Building is taking shape. A foundation has been expertly poured, setting the stage for the installation of suspended slabs in the weeks ahead. This crucial step will pave the way for the building's structure, marking an exciting evolution in the development of this exceptional facility.
Notably, the Logistics Building within the Maintenance Yard has witnessed impressive efficiency, concluding the framing phase seamlessly. The stage is now set for the installation of exterior panels, a testament to the remarkable strides made in advancing Wohali's logistical capabilities and operations.
We remain committed to bringing you unparalleled experiences at Wohali Resort. Your continued support fuels our passion, and we eagerly anticipate sharing more milestones with you in the months to come.
With the coming of spring, we encourage you to schedule a tour of Wohali. Please reach out if you have any questions about the project.

The Gatehouse


Currently, our dedicated team at Wohali is immersed in the finishing touches in the Gatehouse. The hand-formed stone exterior is now complete, and the team is now getting ready to install the exterior flatwork, which will be comprised of Belgian stone that is currently being transported from the East Coast of the United States. In the meantime, Wohali's team is removing exterior scaffolding and tents, offering an exciting glimpse of the Gatehouse in progress (above).


Simultaneously, the meticulous craftsmanship extends indoors, where Wohali's woodworking teams are working on millwork, cabinetry, and hand-made doors, shaping the interiors with an unparalleled level of sophistication. Once these elements are installed, Venetian plaster will be installed, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the space.

Looking ahead, Wohali's Gatehouse is poised to become a fully-functional and secure entry point by the spring, marking yet another milestone in the realization of the extraordinary experience that awaits at Wohali.

The Manor House

We are excited to share that the Manor House is nearing completion and is scheduled to be handed over to the design team for a full furniture install in the coming weeks. Recent projects at the Manor House have centered around meticulous finishing touches, such as completing the installation of the final tiles in the Pub's Bar.

Meanwhile, the team recently installed water and power in the building, allowing the building's resources to be used. Anticipation mounts as the Tesla roof prepares to connect to its infrastructure, enhancing the sustainability features of the extraordinary structure. Michelle Burbidge, our esteemed in-house interior designer, stands ready to work her magic as furniture and accessories have already been delivered and await their placement within the Manor House, bringing an extra layer of elegance to this soon-to-be-revealed masterpiece.

The two Trackman Golf Simulators were recently installed and will be ready for use upon the opening of the Manor House.

Notably, the Manor House has achieved its Certificate of Occupancy, signaling a significant step forward. Exciting milestones mark the culmination of efforts at the Manor House, bringing us closer to the eagerly awaited moment when the design team takes charge of a full-scale furniture installation in the coming weeks in preparation for the opening of the Manor House this summer.

The Burrow


Progress at the Burrow continues, with the design of the interior finishes underway, structural engineering nearing completion, and planning of the exterior patio space in progress. Wohali's construction teams are currently focusing on excavating the site and stabilizing the soil around the building.

Maintenance Yard & Racquet Club


Wohali’s architecture, design, and engineering teams recently collaborated to create an updated plan of what owners and prospective buyers can expect the Maintenance Yard and Racquet Club to look like. Despite their proximity, careful consideration has gone into the landscaping, ensuring an abundance of trees and shrubs between the Maintenance Yard and the Racquet Club to guarantee privacy and serenity.

Wohali’s Racquet Club will feature three tennis courts, four pickleball courts, and two platform tennis courts. Within the Racquet Club’s main building, resort owners will find convenient restrooms and a cozy club room that will offer space to unwind after engaging in a spirited match. The well-planned design extends to the outdoor spaces, where a patio and fireplace invite players and spectators alike to relax amid the excitement of an intense match.

The Racquet Club is currently scheduled for completion in 2025.


The Golf Maintenance Building is set to serve as the dedicated hub for both the skilled personnel and equipment necessary for Wohali to uphold the pristine condition of its world-class golf facilities. The facility will include equipment, fertilizer and fuel storage, offices, equipment repair and maintenance, and additional parts and supplies.

The foundation has been poured at the Golf Maintenance Building in the Maintenance Yard (pictured above), setting the stage for the next phase of progress. In the weeks ahead, the team is gearing up for the installation of additional suspended slabs, a crucial step that will lay the groundwork for the subsequent framing of the building's structure. The seamless transition from foundation to suspended slabs marks an exciting progression in the evolution of this exceptional facility.


The Logistics Building will be one of Wohali's service hubs, a dedicated warehouse designed to house our essential logistical needs and consumables.

Remarkable strides have been made in the advancement of Wohali's Logistics Building within the Maintenance Yard. With impressive efficiency, the team has successfully concluded the framing phase, paving the way for the installation of exterior panels in the days to come.